About Robert Shumake

Robert S. Shumake guides Shumake Global Partners (SGP), an L3C enterprise with the mission “to enhance the world in which we live”, provides services in multifaceted socially beneficial sectors inclusive of Technology; Financial Services; Education & Training; Housing. In 2005 as founding President and Chief Executive Officer of Inheritance Capital Group, LLC, (ICG) a leading private equity investor and developer of commercial and residential real estate, Robert Shumake expertly achieved financing for all types of ventures, from small business to mortgage loans, commercial leasing, and specialized projects. ICG developed a real estate portfolio of nearly 3 million square feet, valued over 300 million dollars. Prior to Robert Shumake’s success at ICG, he was Owner and President of First Equity Holdings, where he oversaw the management and sale of 85% of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) inventory in Michigan. Following his accomplishments at FEH, Shumake was awa